5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes After 5pm As Per Nutritionists Viral Video


Weight loss is no easy feat or overnight achievement – it requires lots of hard work and dedication. There are so many myths about weight loss that keep doing the rounds on the internet. One commonly heard misconception is that consuming carbohydrates in the evening is detrimental to weight loss. Expert nutritionist Rachel Paul, also known as @collegenutritionist on Instagram, regularly shares simple weight loss tricks to lose weight the smart way. She took to the platform to debunk myths and explain some actual common weight loss mistakes that people do after 5pm. The video has received over 445k views and counting. These are popular errors which can be easily avoided with a little bit of attention to our daily diet plan.

Here Are 5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes After 5pm As Per Nutritionist Rachel Paul:

1. Not Eating Enough At Dinner

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to not eat enough for dinner. While it is not recommended to overstuff oneself, it is also not ideal to eat light if you are still hungry. Nutritionist Rachel Paul recommends getting enough of protein, starch and fat in order to keep the stomach full for longer.

2. Not Adding Enough Flavour To Dinner

Flavourful foods and well-spiced meals often induce the feeling of satiety. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the last meal of your day packs enough flavour. “Try different spices, light dressings, salsas, sauerkraut,” suggests Paul.

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Weight loss: A well-spiced meal can induce the feeling of satiety. 

3. Plan Your Desserts

Even the best of us succumb to dessert cravings every now and then. The idea is not to restrict yourself but plan your desserts better. “If you want something sweet after dinner – just plan it in! Tracking is a helpful way to figure out the right portions for you,” says Paul. So, take healthy dessert ideas and then include them in your post-dinner diet plan.

4. Not Setting A Bed Time

“Otherwise we can binge Netflix for hours, and get into that state where we’re too tired to get up to brush our teeth, but also too tired to just fall asleep on the couch. I call this ‘The Bad Trance’,” explained Rachel Paul in the caption. Thus, following a strict bedtime every night may actually help restrict your urge to binge on snacks in the latter half of the evening.

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Weight loss: Stick to a healthy sleep schedule to avoid bedtime cravings. 

5. Not Eating Enough The Next Day

According to Rachel, the idea of bingeing one day and then restricting the diet the next day simply doesn’t work. It is better to maintain a consistent eating pattern and follow a healthy diet plan every single day.

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