5 Safe and Fun Ways to Socialise and Enjoy Your Sunday Amid the Pandemic


There was a time when Sundays were reserved for get-togethers and meeting friends and family. But socialisation isn’t such a simple, normal thing with the coronavirus Pandemic. Even though many are living like there’s no tomorrow, the fear of the pandemic abandoned to the wind, many others are still cautious. Whether you fall in the former or the latter category, it is important to remember the pandemic is still going on. On March 6 alone, there were more than 18,000 new cases registered in India.

If you are craving socialisation or a hangout but are skeptical due to the pandemic, try these COVID-safe activities to enjoy your off-day to the fullest.

Here are Tips to enjoy Sunday while staying safe during COVID:

Virtual movie night

If you really want to see a movie with friends but are a little scared of going to the theatres just yet, then host a virtual screening. You can get a browser extension like ‘Netflix Watch party” and your whole group can watch the movie simultaneously. There’s even a chat box to talk while watching so you can share your reactions immediately.

Art/Reading outdoor party

It’s spring! Which means parks and gardens are blooming with life. Get your friends with the same habits (carry a book if you are in a book club, or art supplies to recreate the scenes around you) and head to the nearest park, like Sundar Nursery in Delhi (or its equivalent in your city). The open space means you will be able sit farther apart from one another, not touch, but still interact and enjoy the great outdoors after months of isolation.

Terrace party

Most experts agree recycled air in closed spaces can increase the chances of infection. If you have a large balcony or access to a terrace, then call 4-5 friends or family. You can cook or order in (most experts believe it is safe to eat delivered food). Being in the open air with sufficient distance can be safer than in a closed room.


If you don’t have a terrace/balcony, pack the food up and head to the nearest garden for a picnic! After all, spring is the time to enjoy the great outdoors. Many parks across the country, especially metro areas, have water features and lots of greenery. What better way to enjoy the Sunday than to dine al-fresco?


Do you have the shutterbug? Then take a few of your friends, charge up your camera or phone and head out for a photo-walk. Don’t go to crowded places, flea markets, packed tourist destinations. Instead, choose places where you know you can practice social distancing but will have nice photographing opportunities. You can then share and compare your works in the digital mode.


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