Ayurvedic Way to Fight Corona Virus: This simple trick can save you from COVID-19, claims Ayurvedic Expert | Covid News


New Delhi: India is witnessing a second wave of Coronavirus, with daily COVID cases rising exponentially in the country. The country has witnessed over 1.5 lakh new COVID-19 cases by April 11.

With the mutation of the virus and new strains of it spreading infection, it is hard to tell how it will manifest in future.

However, Dr Nilesh Jogal, Founder Jogi Ayurved Hospital has a simple hack to protect ourselves against the highly contagious Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Dr Jogal claims that his organisation has been in contact with 4000 COVID positive patients but none of them contracted the virus as they have been regularly taking steam twice a day.

Check out Dr Jogal’s video sharing his hack against coronavirus.

Dr Jogal shares that by inhaling simple water steam from your nostrils and exhaling from your mouth 10 times and then inhaling from your mouth and exhaling from your nostrils ten times can keep you safe against the virus.

There is no need to add anything in steam. Just plain water is enough. However, if you enjoy aroma, you can add ajwain or eucalyptus.

You can either buy a steam inhalation apparatus or even steam using your kitchen utensils.

Dr Jogal, has been sharing this hack on his social media and claims whoever has followed it has been marked safe from the COVID-19 virus.


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