Bengali New Year: 5 Best Rice Options To Make Classic Basanti Pulao (Recipe Inside)


Bengalis around the world are all set to celebrate Poila baisakh soon. It is basically the first day of the New Year (or as they call it Noboborsho), as per Bengali calendar, which is also the official calendar of Bangladesh. Every year, this day falls around 14 or 15 April. This year, poila baisakh falls on April 15, 2021. On this day, people decorate their house, wear new clothes and meet friends and family for a festive feast. Bengali traders and businessmen perform ‘hal khata’ on Poila baisakh, which signifies opening a new ledger for the New Year.

Food plays a major role in the celebration. Bengalis love affair with food is no secret to the world. No small or big occasion in Bengal seems complete without indulging in a lavish meal. Hence, importance of traditional Bengali meal on Noboborsho doesn’t need any separation mention. One of the popular dishes in a Noboborsho spread has to be basanti pulao. Aromatic rice, with oodles of ghee, cashew nuts, raisins and a balanced sweet and salty flavour- this dish is just irresistible.

If you ask us what makes basanti pulao different from the other pulaos across India, we say, the secret lies in the rice. Traditionally, this dish is prepared with gobindo bhog rice, which when mixed with ghee and other spices, releases a strong aroma.

Bengali Noboborsho-Special: How To Make Bengali Basanti Pulao:

Before jumping into the recipe, here’s a quick tip that will help you get fluffy, non-sticky pulao every time you cook. 1 cup rice : 1.5 cup water – always remember the ratio!

Now, heat ghee in a pan and fry cashew and raisin and keep aside; then fry green cardamom, cinnamon and cloves and keep aside. Now add soaked and strained rice into the pan and fry with ghee, turmeric, ginger, whole spices and cashew and raisins. Now add water, salt, sugar and close the lid. Let the rice cook. Finally, add some ghee from the top, close the lid and switch off the flame. Let the aroma infuse in the rice. Serve hot with chicken or mutton kosha.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Basanti Pulao.

We also found you 5 of the best gobindo bhog rice options to make basanti pulao like a pro. Take a look:

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