Can You Find Straight Lines in These Dark and Blue Squares?


Optical illusions are gradually becoming the new trend on social media. It is a kind of mirage created using colour, light and patterns. The images can be deceptive or misleading to our brains, and makes us scratch our heads.

Recently, another optical illusion picture cropped up on social media, which has caught the attention of the users. The illusion, which has interlocking dark blue and light blue lines, seems to be a three-dimensional picture of a wall. The image, created by Gala Spins in collaboration with Bhavin Shah at Central Vision Opticians, asked people what they think about the two lines?

According to Daily Star, the company took a poll in Britain and asked people whether the lines appeared straight or at an angle.

About 45 percent of voters said the lines were at an angle while the rest claimed they were straight. Some participants said that the lines are straight, but due to the dark blue colour, the shadow on it is making it look a bit crooked.

The dark blue colour does make the lines appear at an angle, but the creators revealed that they are straight and it’s the optical illusion at play here.

“This optical effect is even more striking if the colours are black and white. The difference in contrast of the larger squares (dark vs light blue) affects the appearance of the horizontal line between each row,” Bhavin was quoted as saying by Daily Star.

There are mainly three types of optical illusions namely literal illusions, physiological illusions and cognitive illusions. Optical illusions help us to depict the three-dimensional world in pictures. As the illusion is perceived in a way in which the brain fails to recreate the physical world, it is used in psychology to study the computational methods used by the brain to form the visual experience.

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