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It is that time of the year when class 10 and 12  CBSE students are gearing up to appear for their board exams. They are mostly jittery thinking about how well they will be able to perform. This immense pressure on them can be overwhelming and sometimes bog down their spirits. But do not worry we are here to share with you some easy-to-follow, simple tips that will help you to give your best performance in this stressful exam season.

1. Prepare a timetable. Yes, you might have heard a thousand times that you need to prepare a timetable but if you haven’t made one till now, do it right away. Make a timetable that divides your time into slots to focus on different subjects. Set deadlines and goals for yourself. Do not spend excessive time on one topic or subject that you are unable to study other topics. If you have trouble understanding one particular concept, come back to it later after you are prepared with all other topics.

Also, keep in mind that your timetable is realistic. Do not create a timetable that you will not be able to follow.

2. Solve previous years question papers. Hard work and smart work go hand-in-hand. It is extremely helpful to go through and solve the last 3 years’ question papers. It will give you an idea of the question paper pattern, your speed, the mistakes that you tend to make, and the areas where you need to work upon.

It is ideal for you to prepare the entire syllabus but if you have limited time in hand, then make sure to go through previous years question papers minutely and figure out how many optional questions you have in each section and between which units do you get an option. This will help you to figure out the minimum number of chapters that you need to prepare for each unit. 

So, rather than leaving an entire unit, you can leave a chapter from a unit.

3. Stay calm and take small breaks. Worrying will not solve any of your troubles. You should focus on staying calm and composed. Take small fifteen minutes break while you are studying. You can go for a walk or exercise or have a chat with your family in them. Make sure that you get back to studying once your break is over. 

4. Eat Healthy. The famous adage ‘A healthy mind lies in a healthy body’ should be your go-to mantra. Drink lots of water, eat fruits and veggies to sharpen your mind. That bottle of coke and packed chips might give you a temporary raise in energy but it will also cause your energy levels to go crashing down in some time. 

If you like snacking while studying, opt for healthier options. Eat roasted makhanas, popcorns, bhel puri, roasted chana, fruit chaat, cheese sandwich among other things.

5. Time your speed. When you are solving previous year question papers, make sure you time yourself. Divide your time among each section and if you are slow, try to speed up. Make sure you do not leave any questions unattempted.

Hope these tips help you prepare better for your CBSE board exams. Happy studying!


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