Controlling quantum many-body dynamics in driven Rydberg atom arrays



The control of non-equilibrium quantum dynamics in many-body systems is challenging as interactions typically lead to thermalization and a chaotic spreading throughout Hilbert space. We investigate non-equilibrium dynamics following rapid quenches in a many-body system composed of 3 to 200 strongly interacting qubits in one and two spatial dimensions. Using a programmable quantum simulator based on Rydberg atom arrays, we show that coherent revivals associated with so-called quantum many-body scars can be stabilized by periodic driving, which generates a robust subharmonic response akin to discrete time-crystalline order. We map Hilbert space dynamics, geometry dependence, phase diagrams, and system-size dependence of this emergent phenomenon, demonstrating novel ways to steer complex dynamics in many-body systems and enabling potential applications in quantum information science.


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