Cuteness Alert : Adorable Kid Asking Daddy To Wait For Coffee Melts Internet


The chubby cheeks and gibberish words of this kid is too cute to handle

We must say internet is a potpourri of content. From the informative posts to the entertaining videos – you get it all on different social media platforms. While choice of content is unique to each, there’s one type of content that wins our hearts anytime of the day – it is the cute kid videos. Every social media platform is loaded with these viral baby videos; and let’s admit, we all stop by such videos every time we scroll our handles. These videos – featuring their antics, gibberish words and funny banters – impress people across ages. We recently came across one such video on Facebook that made us go ‘aww’ in no time.

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Facebook handle named ‘First We Feast’ recently shared a 42-second-video that features a cute kid asking her daddy to wait for 2 minutes until she finishes her cookie (read: tooties) and vitamins. When her mother from the background asked her “wait for you to do what,” she replied, “I have to eat my cookies first and I make daddy coffee.” When the mother again said, “Daddy’s waiting for coffee,” she (with a serious face) asked her daddy to “wait for 2 minutes ok?” What won our hearts were her chubby cheeks and gibberish words like ‘tooties’ for cookies, ‘toffee’ for coffee. In the later part of the video, we could also see the kid making her daddy a cup of coffee in a coffee machine. Take a look at the complete video:

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The video was posted two days back and since then it went viral and garnered 1.9 million views, 18k likes, 2.9k shares and 1.5k comments.

While one person wrote, “little girl you are so pretty lots love,” another person commented, “This is the cutest thing ever!” A third comment read, “Adorable! Two minutes. Just wait two minutes. She has to eat her cookies and vitamins!”

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