Dont Let Diabetes Come In The Way Of Your Love For Dosa; Try This Bajra Dosa Recipe


Dont Let Diabetes Come In The Way Of Your Love For Dosa; Try This Bajra Dosa Recipe

Bajra dosa recipe is a must-try.Photo Credit: iStock

Can you ever say no to a plate of crispy, mouthwatering dosa? We don’t think so. This South Indian classic is loved by everyone, be it in any region, pan India.  Butter dosa, Mysore dosa, rawa dosa – the options to satiate your craving for dosa are endless. If you are a diabetic, there is a great option for you as well. Pearl millet or bajra dosa is one dosa variety you don’t want to miss. Its nutty taste and crispy texture will win you over all over again. Also called Kambui dosai in Tamil Nadu, you’ll be surprised to know how often people make bajra dosa commonly in the southern part of the country. So, why shouldn’t we try it too?

The first reason to make bajra dosa is that it is a good addition to a diabetes diet. Bajra is a high-fibre, gluten-free pseudo-grain and the starch present is in is digested slowly and gradually. Bajra also has good, complex carbs, which is deemed better for high blood sugar condition.

Another major reason to try this recipe is that it really tastes good. It breaks the monotony of regular dosas and gives you a different experience of the typical south Indian flavours that will satiate and please your appetite. Here we have an easy recipe of bajra dosa made through the traditional fermentation process, simply because, this method gives you better-tasting dosa every single time. 

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Bajra flour is gluten-free and is considered good for diabetes diet. 

Bajra Dosa I Millet Dosa Recipe For Diabetes Diet

Click here to see the complete recipe of healthy, diabetes-friendly bajra dosa.

If you have such interesting dosa recipes that are delicious and diabetic-friendly, then do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to know about them.

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