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New Delhi: Summer season is around the corner and we all know how scorching it is going to get soon. Exposure to the sun can leave your skin dry, irritated, sweaty and dehydrated. Your skin can look dull and dry. But do not worry, we have an easy skin care regime which will make sure that your skin is not neglected this summer.

Below are some easy mantras for healthy and supple skin:

Drink lots of water: Water helps our body to detoxify itself from the toxin substances that is flowing on the inside. If you follow this religiously, it will help flush out all the toxins from within and your skin will be fresh and glowing.

Your average water intake should be minimum 3.5 liters daily. The more you drink water, the more is the glow!

Use a safe sunscreen daily: The ultraviolet rays are the primary cause of skin aging. To protect your skin, use a mineral-based sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher. Apply it as the final step in your daily skincare routine every morning. If you have very sensitive skin, do not forget to reapply it every two hours.

Exfoliate: A very mild exfoliation helps to dissolve the dead cells on the skin’s surface leading to glowing skin. Do not use a harsh scrub or cloth.

Moisturize: Keeping skin moisturized is the quickest way to achieving a glowing complexion. Choose the right moisturizer according to your skin type. In case of any confusion, contact a good dermatologist to know your skin type. The assessment of the right skin type is like a battle half won.

Limit hot water: Rinsing hair and skin with hot water strips it off it’s natural oils. This dries out the skin real fast. On the other hand, water that is too cold blocks dirt on your skin. So, the crux of the story is- stick to lukewarm water.

Do not smoke: Smoking has adverse effects on our body- including the skin. It restricts the oxygen supply to the skin and increases the risk to skin Cancers.

Include face mask: Face masks maximizes the skin glow as it deeply moisturises your skin. Do it regularly in the interval of 15 days.

Get your beauty sleep: A disturbed sleep cycle destroys your skin and overall health too. Poor sleep contributes to innumerable fine lines and wrinkles.


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