Enhanced optical asymmetry in supramolecular chiroplasmonic assemblies with long-range order



Chiral assemblies of plasmonic nanoparticles are known for strong circular dichroism but not for high optical asymmetry, which is limited by the unfavorable combination of electrical and magnetic field components compounded by strong scattering. Here we show that these limitations can be overcome by long-range organization of nanoparticles similar to liquid crystals found in helical assemblies of gold nanorods with human islet amyloid polypeptide. Strong polarization-dependent spectral shift and reduced scattering of energy states with antiparallel orientation of dipoles activated in assembled helices increase optical asymmetry g-factors by more than 4600 times. The liquid crystal-like color variations and nanorods-accelerated fibrillation enable drug screening in complex biological media. Improvement of long-range order also provides structural guidance for the design of materials with high optical asymmetry.


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