Ever Tried Paneer Seekh Kebabs? This Veg Starter Will Blow Your Mind (Recipe Inside)


Paneer can be used to make delish kebabs

Kababs are a popular snacks made with meat. You either use minced meat to make these melt-in-mouth delicacies like galaouti kebab or seekh kebab, or use juicy meat parts and smoke them, like mutton barrah kebab, which are basically mutton ribs marinated and charred on coal. Given the popularity of kebabs, over the years many chefs have given it a vegetarian spin.
India is country with a wide variety of vegetarians, which our cuisine one of the bests when it comes to vegetarian food. One of the factors could be our willingness to experiment and re-invent. You may argue that traditionally, kebabs are supposed to be all things meaty and indulgent. But if you are in a mood to to experiment today, we suggest you give these paneer seekh kebabs a try.

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Kebabs can be vegetarian too

Paneer is our go-to ingredient whenever we need something quick and sumptuous. Maybe that’s why most vegetarian renditions of classic non-veg dishes feature paneer.
The cottage cheese may not have a chewy texture, but its creaminess works very well in this recipe. The star of this recipe has to be the masala that helps cut through the mildness of paneer and khoya.  All you need is some garam masala, white pepper, green chillies and ginger.

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Paneer is an intrinsic part of Indian fare

To make the kebabs, you need to make a fine mix of khoya, paneer and boiled potatoes until you get one smooth mix that could be skewered together. You can also make the seekh kebabs in your oven, you can use your hands to give your seekh kebabs the characteristic cylindrical shape. To add the crunch, it is a good idea to has some smoked peppers on the side.  (red, green and yellow ).
Do note, that once you have made the kebab mix, let it rest for a few minutes so that all the masalas are soaked in.
Here is the detailed-recipe of khoya seekh kebabs, you can make it for any special occasion you like. They do not take much time to put together.

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