Find Out What The Stars Have in Store For You


Aries: Spirituality may impress you. You may begin lessons in music or something that has interested you for long. A good day ahead and it smells of sweet success.

Taurus: You may experience both pleasure and pain. Household chores may weigh you down but later in the day, you will achieve whatever you desire on account of your determination.

Gemini: Your long-term goals are finally shaping up. You can expect good news, which can change the course of your life. Your motto of the day should be: Prevention is better than cure.

Cancer: Fortune and opportunities are not on your side today. You will find yourself in unwanted situations without any fault of yours. The best way to move forward will be to stay clear of arguments.

Leo: Your natural instinct is the social charmer for you and has helped you build a fine circle of friends on whom you can count on. Today you get the opportunity to make use of such bonds.

Virgo: An easy-going day ahead full of fun and light moments. You will be able to vent all the pressure built up inside you. You may get invited to a social gathering or party today.

Libra: You are likely to surpass your own performances of the past. Your peers will try to outwit you but with your consummate set of skills you will successfully preempt all such attempts.

Scorpio: A day full of focus when you will have a clear thought process.You have acquired this clarity of thought over a period of time and that could make all the difference. Your ideas will bring much appreciation from bosses and peers.

Sagittarius: Better employment opportunities will help you fast-track your career growth. An interview might bring a new offer or a lucrative deal with a multinational would serve well. Your dedication to work will also peak today.

Capricorn: A day of pleasant surprises. You will try your best to help those around you but the results might not be as expected. You could feel bogged down because of this. Try to convert your weaknesses into strengths to develop a more positive approach to life.

Aquarius: Make merry but don’t empty your pockets in one go. You have a lot at stake, so look out for your reputation as important people will be watching over you. Success should be your priority for now,.

Pisces: The inner circle of friends you have nurtured over time will prove their worth to you now. You will feel good that in times of need you can bank on their cooperation. You will be able to reap the benefits of their support today.


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