Find Out What The Stars Have in Store For You


Aries: Nostalgia will define the mood of your day. You are circumspect with finances and tend towards saving it. Money-lenders and people dealing in cash will benefit.

Taurus: You are likely to get into arguments today and you should avoid any open confrontation. Try meditation or listen to music of your choice to relax and unwind. It is highly recommended to postpone any important activity today.

Gemini: You practice the philosophy of perfection in every aspect of your life. You ensure that your energies are focussed on taking your efforts forward in the right direction. You can replenish your energies which will help you to increase your awareness.

Cancer: You need to check your eating habits. You will have a tendency to do everything in excess today. You may get swept away by emotions or overeat. You must keep a check to prevent unwanted complications.

Leo: You love playing a team sport, but you are a tough player to compete with. You have given your best effort to any endeavour which will give you a sense of completion. With your attitude and strategy to take challenges, success is not far behind.

Virgo: Financial matters will suffer a major snag today. Let your mind override your heart. Be extra cautious of personal belongings, new ventures and legal responsibilities with long term effects in mind.

Libra: Finances today will be on the up for you. Moneylenders and stock marketeers are going to get favoured. You are blessed with the knack of raking in the moolah from sources in all your monetary transactions. Relax and watch your fortunes multiply.

Scorpio: Today, your mind may experience a continuous flow of negative thoughts today. Try to divert and look for positive people who would cheer you up. Helping needy people and living up to their expectations may bring some respite to your disrupted mind.

Sagittarius: Luck is on your side today, predicts. You will feel like becoming a jack of all and will be busy multitasking. This is likely to keep you busy throughout the day. Your colleagues and peers will come to your help if you need.

Capricorn: Times have been turbulent for you and you need to maintain a calm head and deal with the problems. Also avoid being argumentative with the people around you. Do not jump to conclusions or you may end up being at the losing end.

Aquarius: After fulfilling your short-term objectives, you straightaway begin setting your long-term goals. But remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Fun time with loved ones will rejuvenate your mind and prepare you for a better stint at work.

Pisces: You expect cooperation from your colleagues but it’s always nice to have a little competition. You will take on any challenges coming your way and prosper on the sweet smell of success today. Make the most of the day as lady luck is all smiles on you.


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