Five Foods That Shouldn’t be Given to Toddlers


For toddlers in the 1-3 years age group, it is a vital period for growth after the end of the weaning period as they start consuming solid food. However, they still need full guidance from parents regarding what they should or shouldn’t eat. Mentioned below are five foods that toddlers should never be allowed to eat.

Nuts & seeds

Children feel hungry all the time because their rapidly growing bodies need calories. They may want to try everything that they see their parents/elders consume, without knowing what is safe for them. Nuts are unsafe for children as they pose the risk of choking them. Babies don’t have developed teeth and won’t be able to chew the nuts or seeds them. Their oesophagus is also thin and may cause fatal blockages.

Spicy & oily foods

While it is advisable to gradually add spices to a child’s food to provide them with the antioxidants, dishes that contain a lot of spices, chillies or are greasy is best avoided. They might cause digestive upset, including heartburn and reflux.

Whole vegetables & fruits

Vegetables like carrots, fruits like grapes might cause choking hazards for babies. Finely chopped and boiled carrots, chopped grapes or other fruits that toddlers can easily swallow are ideal. In short, large chunks of foods should be avoided.

Chewing gum & candies

Most kids like candies and bubble gums. However, both of these confectionaries may cause choking and death in toddlers. Hence it is best to not keep such items lying about the house lest a child may feel tempted.

Fizzy soft drinks

They provide instant calories and are sweet; everything that children need. However, they are an unhealthy choice for not only babies but also adults. The bacteria in our tooth react with the high amount of sugar in fizzy drinks and produce acids that damage tooth enamel. Frequent consumption of soda pops also causes dental caries in children.


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