Food and Drinks You Should Avoid While Suffering from Sore Throat


That icky, uncomfortable feeling, difficulty in swallowing, experiencing weird irritation in the throat while talking- are exactly what a ‘sore’ throat symptoms would feel like. Sore throat is the result of inflammation of the pharynx caused due to primarily cold.

Dealing with a sore throat can be a bit tricky as it is not a full blown cold but causes discomfort in eating and swallowing too.

As a result, apart from having warm foods, plenty of fluids, what you need to also be mindful about is what food items or drinks you must not have during this phase.

Here is a list of foods that you should avoid:

Citric foods: The acidic nature of citrus foods such as lemons, oranges could cause potential irritation in the already icky feeling resulting out of soreness.

Tomatoes: Acidic food like tomatoes must also be avoided to prevent worsening of the sore throat.

Oily, spicy food:

a. Tamarind powder: The sourness in tamarind interferes with the throat condition, causing inflammation, scratchy feeling.

b. Aamchoor, anardana powder, chaat masala: The acidic nature in spicy mango pickle, pomegranate powder or in tangy chaat masala deteriorates the sore throat condition and delays the recovery.

Fried food: When the throat is infected, it is obvious that it is the result of an infection. Your body’s immune system is fragile at that time. So it is advisable to not put any oily, fried foods in your system that would even further bring down your body’s capacity to fight ailments.

Yogurt: Though a great probiotic food, yogurt must be avoided when your throat is infected. Yogurt will thicken the phlegm and increase the cough.

Crusty bread, crackers: These are also very drying foods that are a strict no-no for infected throat.

Here’s a list of drinks that you must avoid:

Alcohol: Your body is already battling dehydration with sore throat, and intake of alcohol would enhance the dryness leading to discomfort. An uncomfortable inflammation in your throat is not something to be expected while you are sick.

Caffeine: Caffeine can make your body dry and lead to dehydration.

Cold drinks, packaged juices: The preservatives, artificial sweeteners, the fizzy soda – all are enemies of your body. They jeopardize your body in ways more than one. While you are sick you must be surrounded with health boosting foods unlike low-energy, unhealthy drinks that will cause illness to linger.


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