Free Food For Covid Patients, Courtesy This Generous Vadodara Man


While India prepares to deal with the sharp surge in daily COVID-19 cases, some small yet impactful noble deeds continue to make a difference. One such example is of a man from Gujarat, who has stepped up to offer help, in whatever way he can. Shubhal Shah, who lives in Vadodara, has offered to deliver free and hygienic food to those diagnosed with COVID-19. All you need to do is reach him through DM on Twitter. His act of kindness during the crisis has restored faith in humanity for many social media users.

Mr Shah, who according to his Twitter bio, is a financial consultant, recently shared a post and it read, “#Vadodara. We are here with you in this Covid crisis. If your family is suffering from COVID-19, we will deliver hygienic lunch and dinner at your doorstep, free of cost for the entire quarantine period.” Mr Shah concluded his tweet by saying, “We are not into any name, publicity or photographs. Please DM.”

Several users reacted to the heart-warming gesture and praised his noble deed. Many people talked about how the initiative inspired them. Users said Mr Shah’s philanthropic work is not needy of publicity.

Mr Shah’s tweet got noticed by some NGOs, who said that they would want to join hands with him to help provide food for those in need.

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