Fresh Fruit Cake Movement: Maharashtra Farmers Innovative Bid To Survive Pandemic


In an innovative ‘movement’ to promote the consumption of fresh fruits and sell produce in the times of Covid-19, fruit growers in rural Maharashtra have started to opt for ‘fresh fruit cakes’ as a healthier option, instead of the traditional bakery-made cakes on celebratory occasions. The movement has gained immense popularity on social media with farmers’ organisation even holding a ‘fresh fruits cake’ competition on it. The thought behind this ‘spontaneous’ movement is simply to encourage farmers and their families to increase the intake of fruits in their diet besides boosting the sale of their produce in the times of COVID-19.

The unique movement involving farmers, their families and various organisations of cultivators encourages cakes made locally using fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, orange, pineapple and banana while celebrating special events.

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Fruits such as watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, orange, pineapple and banana are used to make cakes.

One of the most vulnerable amid the pandemic had been the farmers, who now have a surplus supply due to which there is a drop in the prices of fruits, explains Deepak Chavan, a Pune-based agriculture analyst to PTI. The movement not only serves as the solution to surplus produce but also makes sure fruit cultivators and their families consume adequate fruits as part of their diet, he added.

“These cakes are far better than the bakery-made cakes which have less nutritional value,” said Deepak Chavan. He added that while the movement is currently restricted to farmers and their families, but he is hopeful it will become a sustainable solution for all fruit growers.

The ‘fresh fruits cake’ competition on social media, started by ‘Hoy Amhi Shetkari’ (a farmers’ organisation), is one of the highlights of the movement wherein participants are supposed to make cakes using only locally available fruits and send photos and videos of it. They have received over 150 entries already with people using all their decorative skills with fruits to make the cakes more attractive!

As the movement is slowly picking up steam, Mahendra Tekade, proprietor of ‘Bhaji Bazar’, an Amravati- based fruit and vegetable delivery startup, took a cue and announced that they are in the process of starting a fresh fruit cake outlet there. The cake outlet might have decorators to help them in designing trendy fruit cakes, including designs of Barbie Doll and Mickey Mouse ones to attract children. Talk about small steps leading to big achievements!


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