Google Welcomes Spring 2021 with Beautiful Doodle featuring Flowers, Bees and Hedgehog


Google, on Saturday, dedicated a beautiful doodle with flowers and honey bees to mark the beginning of the Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere. The Google Doodle also features a hedgehog, who appears to be smiling as if it is welcoming the new season. Spring season begins on Saturday, March 20, and lasts until June 21. Also known as the season of flowers, the beginning of the spring or the first day of the season is called the Spring Equinox.

Today, the length of the day as well as the night will be the same in almost every part of the world. The duration for each part will be approximately 12 hours. Equinox basically marks the change in the season, which falls between winters and summer of each year. The word is an amalgamation of two Latin words — aequus (equal) and nox (night). In some cultures, the beginning of the season is also celebrated with rites and festivals.

While the temperature may not be hot during these days, it gets hotter from today with every passing day of the season, before the arrival of summers in full swing. With that, the days also tend to get longer, as compared to the nights.

The Equinox occurs twice a year, once for the northern hemisphere and another for the southern. While the night of Match 20-21 marks the beginning of the spring season in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere, it begins on September 22 or 23 and remains till December 22 or 23.

Interestingly, the beginning of the spring season in the northern hemisphere coincides with the starting of autumn in the southern hemisphere and vice-versa.

With the dawn of Spring, flowering plants bloom and the lush greenery thrives. Not just that, the season also signifies the ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.


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