Have You Seen This Cute Video Of Panda Eating Carrot? Watch Here; Dont Miss


The video of panda eating carrot is too cute to miss.

Funny and cute animal videos are internet’s favourite. Some really adorable acts of innocent animals have entertained us awed us too. Another animal video on the internet that melted people’s hearts is of a panda busy eating carrot, aloof to his surroundings. The panda doesn’t seem to care of anyone or anything around and focuses on just his food and chomps away like a baby. The video is definitely worth a watch, maybe more than one watch. 

The video was posted by a Twitter account ‘Shoggy’ with caption ‘A cute panda eating a carrot’. The panda can be seen sitting in a natural surrounding with lots of greenery in the background. He is happily eating away a carrot while holding another vegetable that looks like pumpkin in the other hand. We are assuming that he finished off the carrot first and then took on the pumpkin. 

Watch the video:

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The innocent way the panda is eating his food and making those noisy chewing sounds make this video a delight to watch. With bits of food scattered around on his chest, it makes us see him as a small baby eating his food in the messiest way.

The panda video has been viewed more than 17k times and received more than 150 likes on Twitter.
Funny comments like “Oh, I bet the carrots taste amazing. And I see they are also enjoying some squash” and “Some very serious business” will give you a good laugh. 

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