Have You Tried Summer-Special Ghol – Bengali-style Lime Flavoured Chaas (Recipe Inside)


Summer Special: You must try this Bengali-Style Chaas

Summer is almost here, and it is time to load up on everything cool, soothing and hydrating. It is time to tweak our diet and include meals that are light on the stomach. We love chugging glasses of juices, lassi and chaas. Chaas (or buttermilk) is one native drink to India that strikes a chord with every person across ages. Dahi, salt, and spices churned with a wooden stick – chaas works as a natural coolant. Did you know that chaas is one common beverage available in almost every cuisine across the country? Yes, you will find chaas almost everywhere, with some basic variations. For instance, chaas in Bengal is referred to as ghol. Almost every quintessential Bengali household prepares ghol regularly during this time of the year.

Chaas Vs Ghol – Difference Between Chaas And Ghol:

While both the drinks have the same consistency and texture, they have a striking difference in terms of taste and aroma. Chaas has a spicy and salty flavour; ghol on the other hand is sweeter and tangier in nature. And what gives ghol a strong, refreshing and unique aroma is the inclusion of gondhoraj lebu. Literally translates to the king of the lemons, this ingredient is widely available in Bengal and has a very strong aroma (just like kafeir lime). Both ghondhoraj lebu zest and juice is added to ghol to make it yet more season friendly.  

How To Make Ghol | Bengali-Style Chaas Recipe:

Ghol is super easy to make and just needs dahi, salt, sugar, gondoraj lebu and chilled water. Always use pink salt or black salt as it is rich in minerals and helps prevent dehydration. The traditional way of making ghol is by churning the drink with a wooden stick. But to cut it short, we add everything in a blender and prepare ghol in just a few seconds.

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