Health Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep


World Sleep Day was first held in the year 2008 by the World Sleep Society. They aim to raise awareness about sleep and its association with health as also its social importance. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future.’ To celebrate the occasion, we share below, some of the health benefits of sleeping.

1. Prevents serious illnessesHumans are used to working throughout the day and sleeping at night. Most of our body functions slow down to recover energy for the next day. If this process is disturbed by staying up at night, it may lead to a whole lot of health issues including cognitive impairment, cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal problems and colorectal cancer among others.

2. Weight managementA good amount of sleep per day helps maintain a healthy body weight. A good night’s sleep keeps our hunger in check till the next morning. Those who stay up at night tend to eat more, which may cause obesity-related health issues. Loss of sleep also hampers glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.

3. Helps De-stressMost of us work long hours and are stressed out after hectic work schedules during the day. Sleep helps relax our overworked brains and muscles. Sleep restores the body’s natural rhythms and heart rate and optimises all body functions. It helps bring more focus and clarity to our work on the following day.

4. Prevents accidentsThose who work throughout the day and at night are stretching the capacities of their vital organs to the limit. The stress incurred from that is dangerous. The head feels heavy and foggy due to sleeplessness and can cause fatal accidents on roads due to the body’s lack of energy.

5. Social empathyStaying up at night is not only harmful to the individual; it can also impact the sleep of family members, neighbours and pets if any.


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