Here Are Auspicious Timings to Buy A Vehicle, Property, For Naming Ceremony and Ear Piercing


Buying a vehicle or property on an auspicious date during a shubh muhurat is quite significant in Hindu religion as it is believed to be beneficial. There are certain time frames on some days which are believed to be auspicious to start any new work or to buy something. Buying a property or a vehicle are said to improve the social status or reputation of a person.

To make your vehicle or property favourable for you and your business, you should buy it on a shubh muhurat. According to Hindu Panchang, it is said that vehicles or property can likely bring difficulties for the owners or might lead to loss if purchased during an inauspicious period. Hence, buying a vehicle or a property is believed to reduce the risk of any undesirable or unexpected event.

The auspicious muhurat to buy vehicles or any property like car, bike and scooter are explored after doing Panchang Shuddhi, aka Panchangam Shuddhi. Here are the shubh muhurats, nakshatra and lagna for April 1 for various rituals:

Shubh muhurat to buy a vehicle on April 1

April 1 will mark the Krishna Paksha Panchami Tithi of Chaitra month. Those who are planning to buy a vehicle can purchase between 10:59 am on April 1 and 05:19 am on April 02. The nakshatra will be Anuradha.

Shubh Muhurat to buy a property on April 1:

The auspicious muhurat to buy or invest in a any property will start from 11.02 am on April 1 to 06:11 am on April 2, 2021. According to the Hindu scriptures, buying property or investing in a property during shubh muhurat and auspicious nakshatras bring good luck and prosperity.

Auspicious muhurats for other rituals on April 1:

Namkaran sanskar muhurat: Namkaran ceremony is the first sanskar to be performed after the birth of a child and is quite significant in Hindu religion. This ceremony is performed to name the newborn baby as there is a tradition to decide the first letter of the name as per the newbor’s birth time, raashi, nakshatra and the movement of celestial bodies. As it is said to have a greater impact, it should be done only during auspicious time frames. On April 1, the auspicious time to perform Namkaran ceremony will take place between 11.02 am on April 1 and 06.11 am on April 2.

Karnavedha muhurat: Karnavedha or ear piercing is one of the 16 sanskars in the Hindu religion that are performed during a person’s lifetime. For the ritual, a child’s ear is pierced and a pair of ornament is worn. This has religious as well as medical significance. On April 1, the shubh muhurat for this ceremony will prevail between 1.06 pm and3.27 pm.

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