Here’s What The Stars Have in Store For You on Saturday


Aries: You will be excelling in whatever you do today and it is not sheer luck but your true deep knowledge of the field that you are in. For some of you who are hoping to pursue higher studies,you may finally do it.

Taurus: Things might not go your way today, but do not let your frustration get the better of you. Know that you are a hard worker and will get things done eventually. You may be wishing for an escape from your usual routine and seek a relaxing getaway.

Gemini: For those of you in a relationship, before making a decision, it is suggested that you discuss it with your partner to prevent any misunderstanding. For others, this day might require you to look on the inside and discover your spiritual being.

Cancer: The day might pose some challenges to you that might trigger your frustrations. But being a cancer, you shall exercise control and may even take a break from the situation to calm your nerves.

Leo: Be prepared for sudden changes in schedule as your work gets hectic. However, you can expect a relaxing evening with a get together among your social circle.

Virgo: As you stay busy planning and preparing some important decisions, seeking an elder’s advice or even your partner’s suggestion will prove helpful. It will also prevent any misunderstanding that might happen in future, if you discuss your decisions with friends and family first.

Libra: It is a brand new day for you to be your usual enterprising self. You may even go ahead and shoulder some of your colleague’s work. By evening, your enthusiasm will take a new form where you might treat yourself.

Scorpio: This day is all about money matter, from investing to spending you will be seeing some heavy fiscal themes. It might be a good day as well to treat your loved ones to a nice gift and invest your money in some fruitful policies.

Sagittarius: For working Sagittarius, you may feel as if you are almost there when it comes to your usual perfection. While for some of you, this day is all about looking at the larger picture and making some important decisions. This might also make you reminisce of the good old days.

Capricorn: This day will scrutinise your expertise in your respective professional fields. While for others you might be invested in some government-related work.

Aquarius: If you are feeling a bit disappointed for not making your ambitions into reality, maybe just take a break. Happiness is still there, you just have to change your perspective. A friend might help you see that.

Pisces: This day is making you feel hopeful. Spring and summer are here and a rush of positivity is running in your veins. So seize the day and might as well treat yourself.


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