History, Theme and Significance of this Empowering Day


Like every year on March 8, everyone is celebrating International Women’s Day today. With many women across the globe contributing to the development on the personal as well as professional front on a constant basis, the acknowledgement is not as loud as it should be. Hence, this occasion serves as the best moment where all the women get the due of their hard work and resilience through appreciation. But to celebrate it in a right manner, know the history, significance and theme of this year’s celebration.

HistoryThe striving to get equal rights started back in 1908 when a workers’ movement took place in full swing. Around 15,000 women marched in New York City making demands of lesser working hours, right to vote and also equal and better salary. At the Socialist International meeting in Copenhagen, the day was declared as the National Women’s Day by Socialist Party of America, a year later this march. Further, the concept travelled to all the other countries where the demand for gender equality and empowerment of all girls and women was unanimous. Now, countries like Cuba, Armenia, Mongolia, Russia, Uganda and Ukraine observe a public holiday on this occasion.

Significance of the International Women’s DayThe day is significant for more than one reason. It allows everyone to vocalize the appreciation towards the women of the society who have been working endlessly to challenge the patriarchal system. It also makes everyone pause and create an urge to change what needs to be changed to make this world a better and safer place for women. The acknowledgment of the efforts of women who have been homemakers and those who have been working women is voiced in special ways. The day also celebrates the female achievers from all walks of life.

International Women’s Day 2021 ThemeThis year’s theme for the International Women’s Day 2021 is declared as ‘Choose To Challenge.’ The theme emphasizes on the importance of women having an equal choice. The social media users are using #ChooseToChallenge to celebrate this theme.Now that you know the history, significance and the theme of today’s special day, make the best of it. Happy Women’s Day to all the superwomen out there!


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