Holi 2021: 7 Quick Snacks To Make At Home With Simple Ingredients


Happy Holi 2021: Holi or the festival of colours is falling on 29th March, 2021. The spirited celebrations usually involve putting colours on near and dear ones, drenching them with water-filled Pichkaris and aromatic Gulaal. This year, the fear of the second wave of Coronavirus has prompted many states to ban public Holi celebrations. This means that many of us won’t be having the full-fledged Holi get-togethers with the traditional Holi treats such as Gujiya, Thandai and Kanji. However, this shouldn’t dampen the spirit of the Holi 2021 celebrations, right? We can still indulge and treat our families to some sumptuous, drool-worthy dishes that are made at home with easily available ingredients.

Keeping in mind the Coronavirus restrictions, we have shortlisted some quick and easy snacks which you can make at home with the simplest of ingredients. These are fuss-free recipes that will make a stellar addition to your festive spread on Holi 2021.

Here Are 7 Quick Snack Recipes Made With Simple Ingredients For Holi 2021: 

1. Bread Dahi Vada

Street-style snacks such as Dahi Bhalla, Dahi Vada et al are popularly consumed on the Holi festival. Here’s an easy Dahi Vada recipe you can make at home which doesn’t involve much hassle. All you need are some bread slices, curd, and a handful of spices.

Click here for the full Bread Dahi vada recipe. 

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Happy Holi 2021: Try our bread Dahi Vada recipe for a quick and simple treat. 

2. Suji Dhokla

One of the most ubiquitous and delicious Gujarati snacks, Dhokla is an evergreen delight we can binge on, anytime. This Suji Dhokla is an instant recipe which uses Semolina as the main ingredient. The best part – you can make it in a matter of just half an hour! What better way to celebrate Holi 2021?

Click here for the full Suji Dhokla recipe.

3. Paneer Anardana Kebab

No festive celebrations can be complete without a few indulgences, and Paneer is one of them. A quick and simple snack you can try is our Paneer Anardana Kebab. This Juicy kebab is made with a flavourful marinade which is tantalising and yet so fulfilling.

Click here for the full Paneer Anardana Kebab recipe.

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Happy Holi 2021: This Paneer Anardana Kebab makes for a wonderful snack. 

4. Baby corn Pakoda

When in doubt, there’s always a Pakora! Whether as a way to use leftover vegetables or simply whip up a quick snack, Pakoras have been our go-to snacks since times immemorial. How about a Baby corn Pakoda for your Holi feast at home? If you are out of Baby corn, simply replace with any other vegetable which is available.

Click here for the full Baby Corn Pakoda recipe.

5. Peanut Chaat

Our cravings for Chaat will never go out of style, which is why we have a perfect recipe to try this Holi 2021! Peanut chaat is a high-protein and tasty treat which you can make with a handful of simple ingredients.

Click here for the full Peanut chaat recipe.

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Happy Holi 2021: This Peanut Chaat recipe is a must-try on Holi! 

6. Bread Rolls

Festive celebrations call for some deep fried treats, and bread roll is at the top of our list! This easiest recipe is literally a no-brainer, and requires ingredients which are kitchen essentials – bread and potato. Fry a batch of these bread rolls, and you’ll soon be making another one!

Click here for the full recipe of Bread Rolls.

7. Mix Veg Appe

Appe or Paniyaram are fluffy balls which are popularly served in South India as snacks. These can be made with a number of flours and with an array of toppings – so take your pick! We have a delicious mixed vegetable Appe recipe which you can try for your Holi 2021 feast.

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Happy Holi 2021: Try these Mix Veg appe for a fulfilling and quick Holi snack. 

Click here for the full recipe of Mix Veg Appe.

So, take your pick from our favourite quick snacks which are simple to make, yet so delicious to taste! What snacks are you planning to make? Tell us in the comments below.

Happy Holi 2021!

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