Holi 2021: This Veg Holi Party Menu Is Replete With Classic Indulgence


A lot of us have many fond memories associated with Holi. Waking up early, oiling hair and rushing straight to the compound or terrace with our water guns and be the first to drench everyone in water and colours. A dash of pink here, a little bit of green there, Holi is perhaps the only festival where we don’t mind looking a little silly as long as everyone is having fun. The festival of colours is also incomplete with food. Like every other Indian festival, Holi too has a range of delicacies that it is synonymous with. Gujiya, chaat, thandai, barfi, kachori, there’s so much to prepare in such little time. But guess what? There is no reason to be all jittery, for we bring you a fully-planned Holi menu with recipes to avoid last-minute fuss.

Holi 2021: Veg Holi Party Menu:

You cannot have a Holi party without the Holi-special Thandai. This cold milk beverage flavoured with nuts and saffron is a delightful drink you can serve to your guests. Click here for recipe. If you think it is too heavy for your palate, you can always go for the refreshingly, tangy jal jeera. The flavour of cumin and mint helps rejuvenate you from within. Jaljeera recipe. 


There are many ways to prepare thandai in summers
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Think Holi and you cannot not think about chaat. Up North, dahi bhalla is one of the most widely popular Holi preparations. One reason could be the use of cold yogurt that serves as a welcome respite from the heat. Spongy bhallas and tantalizing chutneys make this dish all things tempting. You can find the recipe here.
A simpler option would pakodas. These onion pakodas are ideal to much in between your intense singing and dancing. Click here for the recipe.
You can also prepare these namak pare in advance to add more crunch to fare. Click here for the recipe.


Holi 2021: Chaat is an intrinsic part of Holi celebrations


Since the idea is to not sweat out, it is best to stick to classics that are easy to prepare. Pav Bhaji is a Maharashtrian dish that has two components pav and bhaji. Bhaji is a mishmash of vegetables in a pool of masalas, whereas pav is a bread, that is typically toasted with butter right before it is served. Find the recipe Pav Bhaji here.

Chole Bhature is another brunch special that you would find across most Holi parties. Spicy chickpea preparation paired with pillowy bhatura or deep-fried maida flatbread, chole bhature is a hit among all age group. Click here for the recipe. Do not skip pickles and chutney, they help elevate the experience.


Holi 2021: Chole Bhature is another brunch special that you should try


You know what you need to do. Yes, start preparing the gujiyas already, because EVERYBODY is expecting it, including you! The deep-fried crusty dessert is often filled with a sinful filling of khoya, coconut and dry fruits. Here’s the recipe you have been looking for. Jalebi and rabri is another intensely desi and decadent dessert that could make your party the most talked about party of the town. Click here for the recipe.


Holi 2021: The deep-fried crusty dessert is often filled with a sinful filling of khoya

Try this menu and let us know how you liked it.
Happy Holi 2021!

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