Honey Harvested In A Turkish Cave Confirmed As Worlds Most Expensive; Guess The Price


This honey is harvested in a unique way, unlike the commercial ones.iStock

We have found the most expensive honey in the world and it costs more than INR 8.5 lakhs. Yes, you heard us. Centauri Honey from Turkey recently broke the record for the most expensive honey in the world. According to the official website of Guinness World Records, it is different from the conventional honey we get in the market and carries a hefty price tag of 10,000 Euro per kilogram, which makes around INR 8,60,000. It is basically a rare variety of honey harvested once in a year, that too in a cave. Unlike regular honey, it is dark in colour and has a strong bitter taste.

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Here, the beekeepers follow a special process while maintaining the bees to ensure the best quality honey production. “This cave honey is excavated (as the name suggests) from a cave 2,500 meters above sea level, far away from any human residences and from any other bee colonies,” reads a statement on the GWR website. It further stated, due to the high altitude, it is even harder to produce Centauri Honey.

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The bees here feed on the medicinal herbs grown around the cave; this is why the honey we get from these beehives are loaded with magnesium, potassium, phenols, flavonoid and antioxidants.

Centauri Honey took to their Instagram handle to share the news and wrote alongside, “Much more important award is “Healthier people ” and “thank you calls” from all around the world.” Take a look at the post.

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