Honey To Maple Syrup: 4 Sugar-Alternatives To Sweeten Your Meal


If you are someone with a sweet-tooth, then you surely know how incomplete a meal feels without some sweets at the end. In fact, we crave for something sweet every now and then. Don’t we? But, the very thought of those extra calories often make us take a step back. Or else, we look for healthier alternatives that will not only help us curb the sweet cravings, but also make the dish healthier for guilt-free indulgence. Considering this, we found some popular sugar-alternatives that will help you avoid sugar and add some sweetness to your everyday diet. Let’s take a look.

4 Sweet Ingredients To Stash In Your Kitchen Pantry:


Dabur Organic Honey

Probably we all keep at least one bottle of honey in store. It is versatile and helps you add some sweetness to your drinks and foods. Keeping this in mind, we found you this bottle of Dabur organic honey that is known to be unpasteurised and unprocessed.

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2. Maple Syrup:

Maple Joe Canadian Grade A Maple Syrup

Love pancakes? Then you surely know how important it is to have a bottle of maple syrup in store. It just elevates the take of pancake in no time. In fact, you may add it to any dish you want to make it sweet and aromatic. Keeping this in mind, we found a bottle of maple syrup that is low in glycemic index and curbs your sugar cravings in no time.

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3. Jaggery Powder:

Fitter Fresh Certified Organic Jaggery Powder

By now, we all know the health benefits of jaggery. It adds a good amount of iron and mineral to your diet. Hence, several fitness enthusiasts often prefer adding jaggery powder, instead of white sugar, in their tea, coffee and cakes. Here we found a packet of organic jaggery powder for you. Give it a try!

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4. Dates Paste:

Urban Platter Arabian Dates Paste

We also found a jar of date paste for you. It is basically a paste made out of dates (khajoor) that can be used to serve various culinary purposes. We suggest, add it to your bowl of kheer and make it taste rich and unique. You may also use this dates paste for baking cakes, breads et al.

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