How Anirban Roy and Shorya Bhasin Strived for Excellence


In the eighth episode of BYJU’S Young Genius, the host Anand Narasimhan first welcomed child prodigy Anirban Roy. He is one of the youngest in India to have received the prestigious Dr M S Subbulakshmi Fellowship in music by Sri Shanmukhananda Fine Arts and Sangeetha Sabha.

During the episode, Anirban shared that he has more than 100 flutes and he can play all of them. The kid, whose tryst with flutes started at the age of 4, said that his father is his ‘guru’.

Bollywood singer-actor Shaan too joined the episode. Anirban performed in front of Shaan and the latter was very impressed with his performance.

BYJU’S Young Genius: Meet Shorya Bhasin and Anirban Roy in Ep 8

The second child prodigy to join the episode was Shorya Bhasin. He has invented walking stick for the blind, wax paper boxes and UV killer among other things.

He does not plan to patent it as he wants to teach as many people possible how to make this at their home and use it. He believes that he can make this world a better place with his inventions.

Engineer Sonam Wangchuk joined the episode virtually. He praised the 14-year-old and asked the youngsters watching the show to maintain their curiosity.

Both the geniuses were given one-year BYJU’S subscription and an award celebrating their excellence in the field of Performing Arts and Robotics, respectively.

BYJU’S Young Genius, a Network 18 initiative, airs every Saturday and the repeat telecast takes place on Sunday.


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