How Prince Harry Got Caught up in the Monarchy Just Like a Regular Indian Man


Since having coupled up, the entire world has scrutinized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship with a fine-tooth comb. In the year since the couple’s departure from the Royal family, Meghan has been termed as the mastermind behind the infamous #Megxit. After years of being demonized by the British media, Meghan Markle was joined by husband Prince Harry to set the record straight about their move to States, exposing never-heard-before facts about the Royal Family.

While the legendary interview with Oprah has left the entire world shell-shocked about the horrors Meghan has endured, we couldn’t help but notice Prince Harry’s struggles. The British Royal used the interview as a platform to expose the years of suffocation that led to his life

changing decision to exit the Monarchy, as well as the unexpected backlash that followed. When being questioned by Oprah about his stance, the Prince revealed that he felt trapped within an archaic system with no way out. Without failing to acknowledge his incredible privilege,

he stated that the rigidity of the Institution failed to facilitate growth, carrying age old ideas about race and social justice, matters which are close to his heart. Meeting his wife Meghan served as divine intervention for the Duke, as it uncovered the unconscious bias against race the entire institution has held since its inception.

Furthermore, upon asking for help from within the Monarchy, the pair were met with stunning silence, revealing the saddening fact that the internal relations between British media and the Monarchy held more importance than the mental health of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The complete lack of support from the rest of the family coupled with the brutal harassment from the British media was the final nail in the coffin that forced the couple to take such a drastic step.

The interview struck a nerve with viewers across the world, given the fact that his situation mirrors the one faced by millions, especially the conventional Indian man. Burdened by the heavy expectations of Indian parents, family and not to forget distant relatives, men in India often face a similar conundrum. The roster of responsibilities are endless – from being the sole breadwinner to an active parent, to a responsible son, men are left to shoulder a multitude of duties with inadequate support, much like Prince Harry. The effects of the same are evident as he was left with no other options but to step down from his role – as a result being completely cut off from the Royal Family’s access to security, financial or otherwise. As we all know, any deviation from the norm in Indian families are also often met with such harsh retaliation.

In Prince Harry’s case, his relationship with Meghan and the safety of his children became the catalyst that pushed the pair to move to greener pastures. Their move communicated a vital message – an individual’s mental health and wellbeing comes before their duties in a family system which has been predominant in Indian Youth as well these days. We hope watching a young man in power unlearning years of conditioning will inspire youngsters across the nation to take active steps to choose their own happiness first. The interview with Oprah lays it all bare, divulging unknown facts about the Royal family, the racial profiling Meghan and her child faced and much more.

The interview will air in India for the very first time on March 28 2021 at 8pm on Colors Infinity and will be streamed at the same time on Colors Infinity TV on Voot Select. The repeat of this interaction will be on April 4 2021 at 8pm on the same platforms.


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