How the Isha Mahashivratri Fever is Catching Up Online


Drawing young and old, this is a Mahashivratri party that one should not miss at any cost. The host will keep you dancing the whole night and leave you blissed out the next morning. The magic of Mahashivratri beckons.

The Adiyogi standing tall at 112 feet at the Isha Yoga centre at Coimbatore, and the sprawling grounds in front of him, are getting decked up for the big night of Mahashivratri on March 11. If not for the virus, these grounds would have echoed the crazy countdown to the event by now. This year, abiding by the Covid-19 restrictions, the event is open to a limited audience only. But the fun is spilling out in the virtual world like never before.

Isha pages and social media handles are fraught with Mahashivratri creative, invites, memes, promos and videos. The invite for Mahashivratri that Isha volunteers sent out via Twitter this weekend had #WhatsOnMarch11 trending. Look at the eye catchy promo video here:

The highlight of the celebrations this year is Rudraksh Diksha, a first-of-its-kind offering by Sadhguru, Isha Foundation. Energised Rudraksh will be packed off to anyone registering for these vibrant beads, absolutely free. Sadhguru will consecrate lakhs of rudraksh seeds on this night in a special process.

To take the word across, Isha volunteers have come up with a very interesting jig challenge by dancing to the tunes of ‘Yogi Shiva Mahadev’. The steps have been recreated by thousands across the globe, sending thrills and bringing smiles.

The #AdiyogiandMe filter wherein one can click pictures of oneself with Adiyogi, sitting right at home, has also become a rage.

Isha has also come up with an assortment of beautiful greeting cards to share the excitement of the event. These are free for downloading too.

But the most fun part is the #FormsOfShiva Personality test. You can answer just seven questions and get to know which form of Shiva you resonate with. Is it Shambo or Bolenath? Thousands have already found the answer. Take it here.

Special Shivaratri episodes are already being released in Sadhguru Podcast and Sadhguru Exclusive.

Things are not any less fun outside the netscape too. The annual curtain-raiser to Mahasivrathri, the Yaksha which is an exuberance of music and dance began at Isha Yoga centre here on Monday, and will continue till March 10. Classical singers Kaushiki Chakraborthy, Sandeep Narayan and Isha Samskriti students are lighting up the evenings at Yaksha this year.

On the big day, the main highlight will remain the midnight meditation and other powerful chants and processes that Sadhguru will guide one to. This time, desi performers will rock the stage with dance and music. Kutle Khan, Parthiv Gohil, Kabir Cafe, Mangli, Anthony Dasan, Sandeep Narayan and Thappu drummers are the names to watch out for along with sounds of Isha jamming alongside. The Adiyogi Divya Darshanam which is a light and sound spectacular show will also enthrall the audience.

As the divine night descends on Earth, devotees can watch it on more than 100 television channels apart from Sadhguru app, Sadhguru youtube channel and Facebook page.

The yogic lore is rife with many stories of this night. The planets also comply and there is an upsurge of energy in the human body on this night. If this is a wake-up call to experience the expanse in oneself, what better place to be? A night out with the First Yogi and the Living Master. That’s why it’s Magic – the Magic of Mahashivratri. Watch it live here.


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