How To Make The Best Dosa Ever? Sonu Sood Has Some Tips


Sonu Sood whipped up a delicious Dosa at a film set.

We finally know who can prepare the best of dosas. The answer is Sonu Sood. Yes, the actor has uploaded a video of preparing this popular South Indian delicacy, claiming it to be “famous.” The actor is known to go out of his way to connect with fans but no one expected him to take on the responsibility of a dosa vendor on film sets. Along with the clip, the 47-year-old wrote that it is “dosa time.” Sonu Sood then prepares the perfect and crisp dosa, leaving crew members impressed.

Sonu Sood not just made the dish like a true foodie but also entertained his Insta fam with funny commentary. The actor-producer made a remark that if one wants to be an actor, she or he should learn to earn and make their own food. Sonu Sood also joked how the makers of his upcoming venture invited him to the sets on his off-days only to prepare dosa. We can spot Sonu Sood serving the delicacy with signature coconut chutney. Awestruck fans wrote comments like, “Sir, you are an inspiration”, “super” and “amazing.”

Take a look at the video here:

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A few days ago, Sonu Sood had shared on social media his love for street-style food service. This time, he hopped into a truck that provides sugarcane juice and other summer coolers. Sonu Sood made lemon soda and gave virtual lessons on how to open a ‘bante wali’ bottle. Check it out. 

Sonu Sood further introduced the owner as Jaspal and appreciated his efforts. The Dabangg actor went on to appeal to viewers to make a stop at Jaspal’s truck whenever they visit Punjab. We hope to see more of Sonu Sood’s interesting and wonderful food hacks!


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