Hrithik Roshan Reveals He Misses Samosas, Fans React (See Post)


Hrithik Roshan Reveals He Misses Samosas, Fans React (See Post)

The caption to Hrithik’s latest Instagram post stole the limelight.

Be it for his acting prowess, lean physique, sharp nose or serious frame, Hrithik can catch our attention with just everything. No wonder he is one of the biggest stars on Instagram. People would lap up to any secrets about his fitness, however, his latest Instagram post proves that he is actually hiding a foodie underneath that serious frame.

On Tuesday, Hrithik shared a picture on Instagram where he can be seen looking at a laptop screen in a rather pensive mode. But it was the caption to the post that stole the show, and also proved how Hrithik is not very different from us.. Take a look at the picture:

“Don’t be fooled by the serious face. It’s a menu. #itakemyfoodveryseriously #missinmysamosas.”, Hrithik wrote in his caption which led to tons of funny and amused reactions by his fans and peers. While Preity Zinta high-fived as she commented “Me too”, a fan complimented his nose saying it is so sharp it could cut potatoes for samosa. To this, Hrithik replied and said “Comes with collapsible nostrils”.

“You want us to believe you eat samosas”, wrote a user to which Hrithik replied “Is there anything better?”


Food delivery platform, Zomato too jumped on the bandwagon and commented “Meri Shaktiyon Ka Sahi Istemal Ho Raha Hai Maa”, after his popular dialogue from the movie Krrish.


This goes to show that Hrithik isn’t just another good-looking, talented actor. He is also a fellow samosa lover blessed with an amazing sense of humour! Is there a better combination?

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