Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Paneer Kadhai Masala At Home


Think of Indian vegetarian food and one immediately starts to think of scrumptious paneer delicacies, isn’t it? Not only is paneer a rich vegetarian source of protein but its versatility has no bounds. Be it in snacks such as paneer tikka, paneer rolls or pakodas or the rich and robust curries such as butter paneer masala, matar paneer, palak paneer or shahi paneer, there are options galore! NO wonder paneer is a staple across restaurants, homes and dinner parties. Paneer delicacies have a fan base of its own that is biased to it as compared to other vegetarian delicacies, which actually makes paneer the ultimate crowd-pleaser on the table!

And if you too are an ultimate paneer-lover you might have tried many of the Indian delicacies, but there are still many hidden gems in the cuisine that are yet to be explored! Move over the usual matar paneer and shahi paneer, because we have got the ultimate paneer delicacy to douse your cravings for spice with Paneer Kadhai Masala – no it isn’t your usual kadhai paneer.

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Kadhai paneer is a burst of mouth-watering spices.

Paneer Kadhai Masala is a flavourful blast of spices tossed together with paneer. The fiery red chilli and green chilli, distinct garlic, refreshing coriander, splutter of cumin seeds and much more come together with chunks of paneer for this scrumptious masala delicacy, perfect to please your taste buds!

How To Make Paneer Kadhai Masala | Kadhai Paneer Recipe

This delicacy is served with a special Ajwain roti made by combining flours and carom seeds (ajwain). The paneer masala recipe just needs tomatoes, paneer and a bunch of spices to be cooked together in a deep kadhai, and made into thick gravy bursting with distinct spices. You can also serve this delicacy with steamed rice for a wholesome meal. Top it up with some lemon for a touch of zest!

Find the full recipe of Paneer Kadhai Masala here.

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