Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Restaurant-Style Handi Paneer For A Lavish Dinner Spread


Have you seen a north Indian party menu or a restaurant without a paneer delicacy in main course? Yes, me neither. The versatile, vegetarian powerhouse of protein is perhaps one dish that we cannot do without. Be it in snacks, main course or even desserts, paneer (cottage cheese) has made a permanent place in almost every meal and in our hearts too. And while we can gush about paneer tikka, paneer rolls or paneer pakodas for all day long, it is the luscious, creamy, and spicy Indian paneer curries that never fail to be the star on the dinner table, competing (and often winning) with its non-vegetarian counterparts!

Kadhai paneer, matar paneer, palak paneer, butter paneer masala, the list is endless; but, well, we can go only one at a time! And if you have tried all of the above delicacies, don’t worry, the versatility of cottage cheese doesn’t end there. We have a mouth-watering recipe of Handi Paneer which isn’t just delicious but is also super easy and quick to make at home.

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Paneer is one of the most popular vegetarian delicacies across Indian homes.

A tempting blend of paneer and tomato gravy with a host of spices and chillies, handi paneer is a restaurant-style spectacular option to take your dinner menu a notch higher. The thick curd-based gravy goes well with rice and roti both!

How To Make Handi Paneer | Handi Paneer Recipe

Handi paneer is a simple recipe that is based on a delicious blend of tomatoes and curd, which is cooked with spices including turmeric, chilli powder, garam masala, ginger and green chilli, emitting a mouth-watering aroma! Paneer chunks are added to this mix and finished with a hint of chopped coriander and pepper in the end for a zesty, distinct flavour!

Find the full recipe of Handi Paneer here.

It is the perfect Indian vegetarian curry to try at home for your next get-together, paired with roti or rice.

Try this Indian paneer recipe at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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