Indian Cooking Tips: This Tulsi-Ginger Chutney Will Elevate Your Boring Meals


Chutney is quite a saviour to many of our meals, isn’t it? On days when we don’t wish to cook an elaborate meal or simply want a light, comforting lunch, a combination of chutney with rice, roti or paratha makes for the best rescue plan. And let’s not forget how chutney makes for the quickest breakfast topped over a slice of bread or rolled into a paratha! If nothing else, it is one of the best accompaniments to elevate a staple bowl of dal-chawal. While the rest of the world can drool over salsa dips, we are never getting over our classic chutneys. And can you even blame us? Look at the variety! You can make chutney out of almost every fruit, vegetable, nut or herb!

Be it tangy tomato, tarty imli, spicy dhania-mint chutney or flavourful onion-garlic one, each chutney get us hooked equally. And all you need is 5-10 minutes to make it and you can store it for months together! While no chutney follows a set recipe, one needs to be mindful of the quantity of each ingredient that you add so you don’t make it too spicy, too tangy or salty. So if you have tried everything, from coriander, mint, onion, garlic to tomatoes, we’ve got a new and interesting one to try at home.

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Basil (tulsi), also known as the ‘queen of herbs’, is called the most sacred herb in India. While it has been known for its medicinal uses in Ayurveda, its culinary use is also worth talking about. Basil leaves are often added to a range of detox waters and teas since they contain a range of natural antioxidants that can help protect the body tissues against free-radical damage. Here we have a zingy basil chutney recipe which will not only add a host of nutritive value to your meal but will also uplift the flavour quotient! Did you know it also boasts of the goodness of apple and ginger?!


Indian cuisine boasts of a range of yummy chutneys.

How To Make Tulsi-Adrak Chutney | Basil-Ginger Chutney Recipe

All you need for this tantalising chutney recipe is to add basil leaves with coriander leaves, onion, apple, green chilli, ginger, salt and tamarind together and blend to a puree! Refrigerate it for a couple of hours before serving. The addition of tamarind along with green chilli adds a spicy, zesty flavor while apple balances it with subtle sweetness. Tulsi, ginger and coriander brings a refreshing flavour. You can store it in an airtight jar for a longer period of time

Find the full recipe of Basil Chutney here.

Try this tulsi-ginger chutney at home to pair with your meals and share the experience with us in the comments section below.

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