Indian Meals Are Incomplete Without This Combination And Desi Twitter Agrees


A classic Indian meal always has a few accompaniments to go along with it. Whether it’s a crisp papad, a spicy pickle, a crunchy salad or simply a bowl of dahi – every meal has some sort of side dishes served alongside. There are plenty of choices when it comes to food items served with the Indian meal. These munchies and tiny bites actually complement the meal well and enhance the taste and texture too. One commonly-served combination with the Indian meal is Nimbu and Mirchi. Slices of lemon and green chilli are frequently presented in restaurants along with the food. This was exactly the subject of a recent post which made desi Twitter relate. 

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“No Indian food complete without,” read the tweet by user Naveen Kapoor. There was a picture of Nimbu and Mirchi shared along with the post. While slices of lemon are squeezed atop salads to give a sour, tangy spin to the meal, green chillies are usually eaten along for an additional element of spice.

The common sight of Nimbu and Mirchi being served along with meals made desi Twitter relate. Several users commented on the relatable post, which received over 1.3k likes and counting. Some pointed out that it isn’t just lemon and green chilli, but even slices of onion, which are also frequently served with meals. Others said that the Nimbu-Mirchi combination wasn’t limited to meals alone, as it was traditionally used as a remedy or protection against the evil eye. Thus, strings of Nimbu and Mirchi were often seen hanging on shop entrances or at the back of vehicles.

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