Know Shubh Muhurats for Baby Naming Ceremony in April


Namkaran ceremony is one of the 16 sanskaras in the Hindu religion performed after the birth of a newborn baby. The ritual is a sacrament for imposing of divinity in a newly-born baby by naming him/her in a way that reflects a noble quality. During the ceremony, the first letter of the name is depicted according to the new-born’s birth time, rashi, nakshatra, and the movement of celestial bodies. It is said that the name has a greater impact on the child.

The namkaran ceremony is usually performed after 10 days of birth. The most common practice to name the new-born is based on the quarter of the constellation (nakshatra) occupied by the radical Moon that is Moon’s position at the time of his/her birth.

As per the Hindu beliefs, naming the baby on Swar Siddhanta can give positive results in the growth and development of the child. It is believed that deities are propitiated with the power of Swar. Hindus also follow the zodiac sign, birth nakshatra, and pada to name the child. There are 27 nakshatra in Hindu scriptures and each nakshatra is divided into 4 parts which is called pada. The initials of the child’s name usually depend upon the padas and Nakshatras.

Like any puja or ritual, Namkaran is also performed on auspicious muhurat to ensure that the child have a brighter future and he/she must away from all doshas. A name determines the child’s identity and remains a part of him until his death and hence the Namakaran ceremony is quite significant in Hindu religion. Here are the auspicious muhurats to perform Namkaran Sanskar for April month.

The auspicious muhurat for naming ceremony begins on April 8, the Krishna Paksha Dwadashi Tithi of Chitra Maas. Here are all the dates and auspicious muhurats for namkaran ceremony in April month:

April 8: From 06:03 am to 6.57 am, April 9

April 12: From 08.02 am to 5.59 am, April 13

April 16: From 18.07 pm to 05.55 am, April 17

April 25: From 05.46 am to 16.15 pm

April 26: From 12.46 pm to 7.45 am on April 27

April 28: From 17.13 pm to 07.45 am, April 29

April 29: From 05.42 am to 14.30 pm


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