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Every year on March 20, World Sparrow Day is celebrated all over the globe with an aim to raise awareness and protect the bird. A few years back, house sparrows were easily spotted at the homes of the people. Now, due to the increase in noise pollution, the bird is on the verge of extinction. World Sparrow Day is an international initiative started by the Nature Forever Society in India in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and numerous other national and international organisations across the world to impact awareness about the house sparrow and other such birds.

World Sparrow Day 2021: History

On March 20, 2010, the first World Sparrow Day was observed and since then, it is being celebrated every year around the world. The Nature Forever Society was founded by an Indian conservationist named Mohammed Dilawar whohas made lots of efforts for several years to raise awareness among the people regarding the importance of conservation of the house sparrow.

World Sparrow Day 2021: Significance

The main purpose or aim behind celebrating the day is to inform about the significance and importance of conservation and protection of the sparrows and other such birds. People also celebrate the day to admire and protect the beauty of biodiversity and nature.

Various kinds of campaigns, events, activities are organized on this day to encourage people to participate and contribute to the cause by bringing individuals and organisations around the world together.

World Sparrow Day 2021: Theme

The theme for the World Sparrow Day is ‘I Love Sparrows’ and is inspired with the hope that more people will celebrate the relationship between people and sparrows by making them remember the bond they share as people have lived in harmony with these little birds for 10,000 years.

Through this year’s theme, the main aim is to highlight how citizens from different walks of life are making amazing differences and expressing their love for sparrows by telling the world how they are helping conserve the little creature.

People are advised to make nests, put water for sparrows during the summer season or can also put bird feeders in gardens or any open area to protect the adorable bird.


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