Know the Theme, Significance, and the Happiest Country in the World


March 20 is celebrated as the annual International Day of Happiness. The day was started by the United Nations to promote the idea that feeling happy is a global human right and everyone has the right to pursue their happiness.

International Day of Happiness 2021 theme:

For this year’s International Day of Happiness, the theme is ‘Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind’,which is heavily inspired from last year’s global pandemic of coronavirus. Since the world faced and continues to face an ongoing global crisis together, this year’s International Day of Happiness is promoting a chance to find uplifting and positive ways to look after oneself, and one another, eventually.

Exploring the theme further, here are a few actions for Happiness suggested by

  • Keep calm: Things may seem going haywire and it is quite true that one cannot have everything under control. So remember to breathe and focus on what really matters and find little ways of keeping your spirits high so that your mental health does not get too stressed.
  • Stay wise: If the pandemic has taught us one thing then it would be to stay wise. Making choices that are made considering the general happiness of everyone will have a positive impact around you. So try to take actions that support general well-being and help others to do the same.
  • Be kind: Kindness goes a long way in one’s life. Being considerate of the feelings of those around you and treating them with kindness will take you a long way. As Harry Styles’ song goes, Treat People With Kindness.

International Day of Happiness 2021: Significance and history

The International Day of Happiness was first celebrated on March 20, 2013, following several years of campaigning by a United Nations adviser Jayme Illien. He grew up in one of Mother Teresa’s orphanages in Kolkata, an American family adopted Illien. His years in the orphanage and other life experiences inspired him to end global inequality.

The World Happiness index, which measures how countries around the world are faring in terms of ensuring the happiness of their citizens, was started after Bhutan had introduced a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly in 2011. This year, the World Happiness Index declared Finland as the happiest country in the world.


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