Love Chicken 65? Here Are Three More 65 Masala Recipes You Must Try! (Recipe Videos)


One of the most popular 65 masala dishes is Chicken 65.

For all those who love all sorts of spices in their meal, chicken 65, aloo 65, mushroom 65 and even idli 65 could be the perfect dishes to try. 65 masala recipes are known for their high spice quotient. Oodles of red chilli powder, whole red chilli, ginger-garlic and an extensive use of spices, is what makes 65 masala delicacies a crowd-pleaser! Not only can they be an ideal lunch or dinner dish but you can also turn them into an interesting evening snack at home.

One of the most popular 65 masala dishes are chicken 65 and mushroom 65 but did you know you can make 65 masala with three different ingredients? Move beyond chicken, aloo or mushroom, we’ve got three amazing 65 masala recipes that you can try!

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1. Egg 65

Packed with protein and brimming with spicy flavours of red chilli, black pepper and garam masala, this Egg 65 is a perfect snack to nosh upon for your evening snacks or whip up when unexpected guests arrive! Not only is it quick but is also super easy and requires no special ingredients. Have a look at this simple egg 65 recipe video here.


2. Paneer 65

For all those who thought chicken 65 is the best of the lot, wait till you savour the paneer version! The best part about this recipe is that paneer is coated in an egg mix, which is optional but can give a unique flavour to the dish. The crunchy deep-friend paneer chunks laced with spices are sure to liven up your party menu. See the recipe video here


3. Gobhi 65

This Gobhi 65 with a tadka is a lip-smacking snack that can literally be cooked in a jiffy! Topped with a spluttering tadka of green chillies, garlic and ginger, it is a must-have on your dinner party menu. Take a look at the video here

Try these scrumptious 65 masala recipes at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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