#MangoWars On Twitter Spark Hilarious Debate On Best Mango Varieties


Come summer, and all that we can think about are mangoes. Fresh, juicy, pulpy mangoes can take our minds away from the sweltering heat, even if it for a brief while. Also known as the king of fruits, mangoes are available throughout summer in various varieties. Needless to say, all of these cultivars have their own fan-following who are always ready to defend their favourite variety of mango. One such heated argument of Twitter led to a slew of hilarious and controversial opinions. The battle which was called #Mangowars became intense when a user called Alphonso overrated. “The brand-conscious Alphonso Babalog have no idea what real mango is. Try Dashahari, Chausa, Safeda and ultimate Langda/Malda,” the tweet further read.

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“ Alphonso aficionados shud not fall for YRD’s trick & stay away from helping to amplify other varieties across India.. Alphonso IS MANGO, rest are just fruits who settled for less during evolution,” a user wrote defending Alphonsos.

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Langda aam, which is a green-coloured mango with deep-orange flesh that comes in towards the later half of summer, found quite a few takers as well.

“East or West, Langda is the best”, said a user.

“I actually hate Alphonso. Give me Langda any day. Its alphonso that is lame, not langda.” wrote another expressing her love for this unique variety. 

Then there were people who spoke about the varieties that are not very widely available across the country.

A user replied to the thread writing “Nothing beats the Goan Mankuraad Mango. It is rated higher than the Alphonso, which again originates from Goa. Having tasted all other types, I would say, once you try Mankurad, you won’t like anything else.”

Another user spoke about a variety called Mallika, that hails from Karnataka.

It could be safe to say that no consensus was reached among the mango lovers, there was also user who ended up calling mangoes overrated and “messy” and called orange the “actual king of fruits.” Unbelievable, right?!

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