March 2021 Image magazine: Full coverage


Finally, Los Angeles gets the style magazine it deserves! Image is a celebration of the diversity, creativity and intellectual energy of our city. Issue 1 is Remembrance. In this issue our contributors reflect on L.A. style and fashion, the cultural icons and trends that make the city what it is. Here’s a look inside the issue.

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It had to be gold

A shirtless man leans over a sink in a bathroom, his underwear showing above his jeans.

(Clifford Prince King/For The Times)

What happens when the one thing you’ve never lost finally disappears. Justin Torres, author of the award-winning “We the Animals,” writes about the gold chain that got away. 👉Read the story.

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Grief girl

Illustration of Sarah Ramos holding a magazine featuring the "Gossip Girl" cast.

(Michelle Rohn / For The Times)

At 14, actor Sarah Ramos was almost cast as Jenny Humphrey in the show “Gossip Girl.” But she didn’t get the role — and that “sucked in a very specific way.” She pieces together journal entries, a college essay and emails from 2007, giving us an inside look into the casting process. 👉Read the story.

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Try a little tenderness

Photo collage featuring John Singleton.

(Lauren West/For The Times)

“Infused within Singleton’s panoramic Black world were Black boys with the kind of fullness that I was discovering in myself,” writes Jason Parham of filmmaker John Singleton. 👉Read the story.

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Los Intelligentsia

Portrait of historian and writer Robin D.G. Kelley.

(Keith Oshiro/For The Times)

“I feel like it’s not mandatory but it’s really important for me to be engaged in these movements, to make no pretense about some kind of dispassionate, detached objectivity,” the scholar Robin D.G. Kelley tells Vinson Cunningham (“The Party Year”) in Los Intelligentsia, our conversation series featuring the intellectual giants of L.A. “I think that we need to practice something that’s even better than objectivity. And that is, as you know, critique.” Read the whole conversation 👉here.

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Freedom is wearing a hat like Audrey Hepburn

Illustration of a woman wearing Audrey Hepburn- and Givenchy-inspired dress and cloche hat.

(Ariana Pacino/For The Times)

The first time Elisa Wouk Almino tried to wear a hat, “It felt like a foreign object on my head.” There was something about it, an “inner life,” that she had to learn how to come to terms with. Drawing inspiration from Audrey Hepburn and a legendary milliner, Wouk Almino takes the reader through the transformative practice of learning how to really wear a bowler. 👉Read the story.

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Are the beret wearers of Silver Lake and Echo Park here for revolution or croissants?

Gif of berets spinning on three fake pink heads.

(Meiko Takechi Arquillos / For The Times)

On the Eastside of L.A., north of the 10, “the most striking hat trend right now might be the least practical of them all: the beret,” writes humorist and fashion expert Dave Schilling. Read more from his brilliant — and hilarious — meditation on the trend that is all the rage near Sunset Junction 👉here.

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Photos: Street style in Los Angeles gets a futuristic, psychedelic makeover

A woman stands in front of a distorted, multicolored image of a street scene

(Sean Martin/For The Times)

“We’re in an era where time moves so fast, so I decided to slow down and use film to capture the unfiltered energy and style of my subjects,” the photographer Sean Martin said in an artist statement that accompanies his photo essay. 👉Check the trippy photo spread.

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Vibe Guide

Illustration of Sami Miró

(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)

What’s the flavor of the month, according to the tastemakers of L.A.? In the inaugural Vibe Guide, designer Sami Miró tells you why she is inexplicably obsessed with burritos and what’s on her Spotify playlist. 👉Read the story.

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Styling myself

Autumn Adeigbo in a long coat and hat with a purse in front of a wall with a repeating colorful image

(Mariah Tauger/Los Angeles Times)

She styles Kerry Washington and Amanda Gorman. See how Autumn Adeigbo dresses herself for her favorite L.A. outings. 👉Read the story.

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The Drip Index

Photos from various pop-up experiences in L.A.

(Owen Kolasinski /, Clive Christian, Van Cleef & Arpels; Transnomadica and Kimberly Zsebe)

Pop-ups. Merch drops. Events. Here are the 10 hottest things happening in L.A. this month. 👉Read the story.

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A T-shirt with a peace symbol, a T-shirt that says, 'The Sky's Falling!' and a green collared shirt

Russell Westbrook takes readers behind the scenes of his new line “Honor the Gift.” “My brand, plain and simple, is for the inner city. It’s for the underserved communities,” he tells us. 👉Read the story.

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Collage of clothing items.

(Jonny Cota, Cinabre, Tetsuya Niikura, Sernes, Weekend Max Mara, Lillian Shalom and Fred Segal)

Want your wardrobe to capture the L.A. attitude right now? Try these seven pieces. 👉Read the story.

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This is where Bia Yapp says goodbye with art.

Photograph of a floral installation on the historic Shakespeare Bridge by Bia Yapp.

Designed on the historic Shakespeare Bridge in Los Feliz, this installation is a marriage between remembrance and creation: the impermanent beauty of the flowers adorning the enduring structures of our past.

Bia Yapp is the owner and creative behind Bia Blooms, a Black woman-led floral studio based in Los Angeles. She creates energetic designs that have personality and that explore color, levels and space. Instagram: @BiaBlooms


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