Mind Blowing! This Optical Illusion Involving Coca Cola Can Will Leave You Puzzled – Watch Video


This video is a must watch!

Internet is one amusing space and there are no two ways about it. We find various types of content here that keeps us engaged and entertained. Besides, we also get a pool of content that develops our knowledge on various subjects in the most interesting way possible. One such instance is optical illusion. We find different types of such videos on the internet that not only blows our mind, but also makes us search for more such videos. Recently, we came across one such baffling video where a simple coca-cola left us bamboozled!

In the video, we can first see a mirror image of a coke can. Just when we are convinced that it is nothing but a mirror in between the original can and its reflection, we find it is a hollow cardboard (instead of mirror) that is placed between two coke cans, which were set symmetrically. This symmetry between the two objects ‘misdirects’ the viewer and creates the illusion in their mind. Sounds interesting, right! The mind-blowing video left us surprised too. This act is called ‘The Real Thing’, created by Matt Pritchard.

“The movement of the frame and hole provide excellent ‘misdirection’. Even when the moving background is not perfectly flat,” read the explanation of the theory in the video.

Check here the complete video:

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The video was originally uploaded on YouTube page ‘The Real Thing’ in December 7, 2020. Since then, it attracted thousands of viewers, garnering more than 4.3 lakh views till now.

“Damnit I can’t remember what i was going to search because i got distracted by this on my feed,” wrote one person in the comments section below. Another comment read, “Wow this is so underrated I can’t believe it.”

“Omg! That was literally amazzzingggg !!!” read another comment. Mind Blowing!

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