Moong Dal Samosa: The Crisp, Fulfilling Snack You Simply Cant Resist (Video Inside)


Moong Dal Samosa: Try this unique recipe to satiate Samosa cravings.

Samosa is one snack we cannot get enough of. The choicest fillings stuffed inside a thin coating of flour and deep fried until crispy and golden-brown, need we say more or are you drooling already? The Samosa has lent itself to several variations over the years. From a chocolate-filled Samosa to a cheese-laden one, a Matar Samosa to an Aloo-stuffed one, there are so many ways that the Samosa can be innovated with. This Moong Dal Samosa recipe is a fulfilling and delicious snack which you simply can’t resist.

Moong Dal Samosa is a unique spin to the traditional Samosa, filled with a spicy and interesting Moong Dal filling. The lentils used in the Moong Dal Samosa recipe are the Green gram or ‘Moong Sabut’ which is soaked and then ground coarsely to give an interesting texture. The dough for the Samosa is also prepared from scratch and should ideally be extremely stiff. The best part about the Moong Dal Samosa recipe is that it is actually a really quick preparation, ready in about thirty minutes or so!

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Moong Dal Samosa: This recipe is a unique spin on the traditional Samosa recipe. 

How To Make Moong Dal Samosa | Easy Moong Dal Samosa Recipe

Prepare a stiff Samosa dough by mixing refined flour, salt, water and oil. Let it rest for a quarter of an hour and then break the dough into small balls and roll it into circles. Simultaneously, prepare the Moong Dal filling with the ground lentils. Sautee cumin seeds and asafoetida in a pan, and as it begins to sputter, add the remaining ingredients to it. Add the filling to the dough circles prepared earlier, seal the edges with water and deep fry in hot oil until golden-brown.

So no need to head to your local eatery for your daily Samosa fix, try this easy Moong Dal Samosa recipe and make it yourself!

Click here for the full step-by-step recipe text of Moong Dal Samosa.

Here Is The Full Recipe Video Of Moong Dal Samosa:

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