Mughlai Paneer Egg Roll – Have It Any Time Of The Day For A Satiating Meal


Mughlai paneer egg roll recipe is a must-try.

A soon as we hear or read Mughlai food, our tummy starts rumbling and craving for some rich, wholesome delicacies. Mughlai paratha can never go wrong in pleasing our taste buds as well as our stomach. If it’s Mughlai, it has to be loaded with flavours. Here we have something really close to Mughlai paratha but heavier than it for a fulfilling meal. Mughlai paneer egg roll is something everyone will love. Straight from the lands of nawabs, Lucknow, this Mughlai paneer egg roll recipe is not to be missed.
The bon vivant in us is always seeking for some unique, rich and distinguished food. This Mughlai paneer egg roll perfectly fits the bill. Moreover, it is easy to make and fills up our daily requirement of proteins to give us a punch of energy. 

Paneer and egg is an unusual combination but its works great in this recipe. Unlike Mughlai paratha, this roll is not deep fried; so your stomach fills up with nutrient-rich foods and not greasiness. What’s really interesting about this dish is that it can be eaten any time of the day – for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even evening snack. So fetch this recipe whenever you crave for the deliciousness of this heavenly roll.

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How To Make Mughlai Paneer Egg Roll I Mughlai Paneer Eggs Roll Recipe

Click here to get the complete recipe of Mughlai paneer egg roll.

Do try this amazing recipe and we are sure you’ll come back to thank us. 

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