Omani Maho Halwa Recipe: You Need Just 2 Ingredients To Make This Unique Halwa


Comforting dessert made with oodles of ghee, milk, sugar and nuts – halwa is absolutely irresistible! It melts in your mouth in the very first bite. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you can’t say no to a bowl of this desi dessert. In fact, we adore this dish and look for occasions and excuses to make it every now and then. In India, we make different types of halwa the whole year. Gajar ka halwa, sooji halwa, atte ka halwa, kashi halwa and more – we find an extensive variety of halwa across regions. But did you know that the popularity of halwa doesn’t restrict to India?

Besides India, halwa (or halva) makes a popular choice in Middle-Eastern countries too- Oman is one of them. Most of us have heard about the very popular Omani halwa, made with cornflour, kesar, caster sugar, cashew nuts and more. Unlike our regular halwa, this Arabic dessert has a jelly-like texture and follows an extensive cooking method. It often gets tedious to replicate this dish at home, hence, we found another variation of Omani halwa – Omani Maho Halwa- that needs just two basic ingredients for preparation. Using condensed milk and butter, you can make this dessert in no time.

How To Make Omani Maho Halwa – 2-Ingredient Halwa Recipe:

Looks like Delhi’s popular sohan halwa, Omani maho halwa too melts in mouth in no time. As per food experts, this halwa symbolises the hospitality tradition of the country. While you can make this dish just with condensed milk and butter, we like adding some nuts and spices to make it yet more scrumptious.

In this particular recipe, we used condensed milk, butter, cardamom powder and chopped nut (almonds and pistachio). You can use any nut of your choice. Some people also like adding desiccated coconut and dry fruits to the dish.

All you need to do is add butter to a heated pan and then condensed milk after a while. Mix them together until you get an almost dry mix. Add cardamom powder and nuts at this point. Grease a thali and keep it ready by the side. Once the mix is ready, spread it on the plate evenly and let it rest. Refrigerate it for a while, cut it into cubes and serve. Trust us, this halwa can be a showstopper at your next dinner party.

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