Padma Lakshmis Recipe Of Thayir Sadam Is A Perfect Summer Treat


Padma Laxmi is an avid foodie

Padma Lakshmi is here to bless our feed with the epic curd rice or thayir sadam recipe. Her social media followers are aware of what an avid foodie she is. The author has now channelled her inner chef once again. This time, it was to remind us of the tasty and simple summer delicacy which is quite popular in South India. The caption reads, “I want to dedicate this thayir sadam or curd rice recipe to my cousin-sister Rajni. It’s her birthday today.” In a full-fledged video, Padma Lakshmi gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare this nutrition-rich food.

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The 50-year-old asks Instagram family to use Indian dahi (curd) with full cream preferably over other yoghurt types. The chilled curd was mixed with a bowl of cooked basmati rice. Padma Lakshmi added that she would like to blend it with her own hands but had to use the wooden spoon due to the cold temperature. One can also see how Padma Lakshmi is using fresh curry leaves planted in her house.

Padma Laksmi also explains the spices required for the preparation. To add sweetness, the tangy recipe is garnished with pomegranate seeds. In the caption, she mentioned them as the “last pomegranates of the season.”

Earlier, Padma Lakshmi treated the Instagram community with the recipe of fresh mango curry or manga curry.

Her love for Indian cuisine is not just restricted to traditional dishes. One can also watch her Chicken a la Nueces de la India recipe video. “I love this creamy, beautiful cashew sauce. You could easily make this vegan with big portobello mushroom caps,” she wrote in the caption.

Can’t wait to try these, right?


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