Pappada Vada Recipe: A Delicious Kerala-Style Vada Made With Papad That You Must Try


Crunchy, flavoursome and absolutely delicious – we just love bingeing on the scrumptious vadas. Don’t we? From medu vada to masala vada and dal vada – these hot and greasy snacks hold an indispensable position in South Indian cuisine. Besides dosa and idli, vada is one such South Indian classic that has taken over the world like nothing else. But if you thought the list of vadas just comprise medu vada, dahi vada, dal vada and masala vada, then you still have a lot more to explore. There are five states in the Southern part of India, each having its unique food culture and an extensive variety of dishes. Likewise, every sub-regional cuisine in the South Indian food culture has at least one unique vada that is worth giving a try. One such instance is Kerala’s pappada vada.

The ones who love Kerala cuisine must know about the popular banana fritters. Traditionally referred to as pazham pori, it is basically ripe banana slices dipped in maida-rice flour batter and deep-fried later. Much like pazham pori, pappada vada is a fritter made with papad, dipped in a rice flour batter. Also called chayakadda, it makes a popular tea-time snack for the locals and is widely available in every tea-stall across Kerala. And it is so easy to make that you can even make it at home too.

The traditional technique of making pappada vada is a tad bit extensive where we soak the rice, dry it and make the batter. This process can be tedious and time taking for many of us. Hence, we bring you a recipe that is instant and can help you prepare a good batch of pappada vada in just 5 minutes. Let’s take a look.

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We love munching papad with every meal | Image Credit: iStock

How To Make Pappada Vada | Kerala-Style Pappada Vada Recipe:

For whipping pappada vada quickly, we need rice flour, chilli powder, black sesame seeds, turmeric, hing, some salt papad, water and oil. Traditionally, we use coconut oil; but you can use refined oil instead.

All you need to do is, prepare a pakoda batter with rice flour, chilli powder, sesame seeds, turmeric, hing and salt, dip the papad in the batter and deep fry in a kadhai till it turns crispy and golden brown in colour. Pair it with a hot cup of chai and enjoy a pleasant evening.

Click here for a detailed recipe.

You can also make this pappada vada beforehand and store it for whenever you feel like munching. Click here for some air-tight jar options to store these fritters.

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